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Interested in joining the lab? 

To prepare students for careers in teaching and research, the Bergdahl Lab provides training in mechanistic studies of important cellular and systemic processes regulated by exercise, lack of exercise (disuse) or clinically important diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension and diabetes. Students involved in the program will gain knowledge and expertise through formal course work, research in the laboratory under the mentorship of Dr. Bergdahl, journal clubs and seminars, as well as in public presentations of their data. The program is interdisciplinary in its approach to scientific research, reflecting the interests of Dr. Bergdahl and the breadth of the discipline of Physiology.

Undergraduate Students

Students interested in summer research projects should advertise their interest, at latest, by mid-February the same year. 
Students interested in volunteering as research aide are always welcome.


Graduate Students

MSc and PhD applicants with relevant research experience should prepare a PDF with:

  • CV including 2 references

  • Transcripts

  • A brief statement outlining your research experience and future goals.


Please send the complete application as one file to:

For more general information please contact the Department’s graduate program director ( or see the Concordia University graduate studies webpage

Postdoctoral fellows

All applications are welcome; however, acceptance is contingent on funding.

There are outstanding prospects for training in the Bergdahl Lab which could lead to challenging and rewarding careers related to fitness, rehabilitation, research or teaching. It may also provide you the best opportunity for acceptance into medical school, physical therapy or some other professional school.

Art is 'I'; science is 'we'...

                                                     Claude Bernard


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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